Employee Experience trends in 2019

Employee Experience remains at everyone’s agenda since it centers on “Human”

It is obvious that employee experience, which centers today on human, is one of the most important topics included in the agenda by human resources departments. Moreover, it is not only important for human resources but also has strategic importance for companies since it also bears a great contribution to customer experience. In other words, it is nearly impossible to create a Customer Experience before enabling a powerful Employee Experience.

Should we define the employee experience as ‘the experience that is gained throughout the period starting with a candidate meeting and flirting with a company, and until he/she quits there’ then it is certain that each of the companies have to design and customize their own employee experiences. Emphasizing that not each company’s corporate culture is the same with another, and supporting that not the same HR recipe should work for every company since each of them has to tailor a unique employee experience, 4C1H happens to identify the Employee Experience Trends in the country since 2017. For the last two years 4C1H investigates the current status of employee experience in Turkey via implementing PES Survey, based on tangible data through the trends they detected, in order to adopt such a philosophy which focuses on human and the employee experience as a working style.

Employer Brand Academy

It provides valuable clues especially for human resources managements in making their future business plans, to have a comprehensive knowledge on the current themes of employee experience.


In 2018 PES Survey and 4C1H have repeated the ‘Research on Employee Experience’ which they mutually conducted for the first time in 2017, and evaluated the status of Turkey’s employee experience for 2019. Further, upon the trends identified for the last two years with contribution of 32 companies in 2017, this year 64 companies have attended the research among which already implemented the ‘employee experience’ within their business processes or those who are planning to do so in the near future.

Participant Companies:

Danone TAV Teknosa CCI Sahibinden.com
Unilever Vestel Barilla Ali Raif İlaç Pegasus
Bidolu Baskı Halk Bankası Ravago Sun Grup Zorlu Holding
Kibar Holding Penti Tadım Flo Mağazacılık Kopaş
Allianz Airties Zurich Sigorta Bakioğlu Holding DeFacto
AvivaSA Webhelp Toyota Europap Tezol ING
Metro Cash Gitti Gidiyor DYO Vakıf Emeklilik Arzum
BSH İKEA Pharmactive Centurion Generale Mobile
CMC LCWaikiki Folkart Etiya Tofaş
Dominos Nuh Çimento Volt Motor Mapfre Sensormatic
HD İskender Olgar Grup Pimsa Adler Multinet GN Yapı
Koç Sistem Organik Kimya Pembemavi Koçzer Ekol Lojistik
McDonald’s Isuzu Generica Tavuk Dünyası


Having renewed this year, the 2019 Research on Employee Experience Trends has been evaluated upon the following 10 different themes and 47 questions:

HR Analytics
Employer Brand Management & Communication
Digital and Cultural Transformation
Reward Communication
Leadership Experience
New Age Working Conditions and Environment
Digital HR
Creativity & Storytelling & Engagement
Measuring Employee Experience


The 2019 Research on Employee Experience Trends indicates that the participant companies gave most priority to HR Analytics and Leadership Experience while least to New Age Working Conditions and Environment and to Employer Brand Management & Communication.

It is discovered from the responses given to the question “Which of these 10 Human Resources Themes are more important for you?” that Employer Brand Management & Communication, Leadership Experience and HR Analytics were relatively more outstanding among the others in importance hierarchy.

In order to meet the main goal of the research, to identify what would be the 2019 Trends, the participants were asked “Which of the 10 themes will you be prioritizing against others in 2019 and be crediting more than other during the preparation of business plans?”. From the responses received, Employer Brand Management & Communication, Digital and Cultural Transformation, Digital HR, Diversity and Leadership Experience were found to be trending in comparison to others.

Employee Experience   +  Story = Meaning of the HR

Paying regards to these information, it is understood that employer brand management & communication will be one of the most trending topics in 2019. However, the employer brand management does not rank at top within 10 different employee experience theme currently in use in business processes.

At this point it is clearly visible that one of the indispensable components of HR communications is the employer brand. The story which will be accompanying the employer brand addresses to all topics of the employee experience. Thus, the meaning of HR exists through its customization with the corporate culture story which is tailored uniquely for each company. Yet, each point addressed by the tailored story creates an entity and influences the entire Human Resources. In sum, all these procedures emphasize again that the employee experience gains even more meaning and strengthens through the story.


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