AIDA model in employer branding

To convince your precious target audience to apply for a position in your company, you need to know about a model that describes their relationship stage with your company. Knowing that there are candidates at every step of this model at any given time, you will create relative content and ways of communication to establish a strong bond and to persuade them.

In my post last week, I mentioned that the two main elements of employer brand management are Candidates (awareness, action) and Employees (engagement, performance). Today, I would like to talk about a model that was developed in the 1890s to facilitate your work on candidates, which has been used for 130 years.

Employer Brand Academy

The name of the model is AIDA, an abbreviation FOR Attention / Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

  • Attention / Awareness: I know. (Draw attention, raise awareness)
  • Interest: I like (Give information, arouse interest)
  • Desire: I want (Create the desire to be preferred)
  • Action: I’m taking it (Convince for action)

The first step is to create attention and to get noticed. Although the “A” is originally referred to as attention or awareness, I always prefer to use it for “stand out”, that is, to stand out from the crowd. It is usually relatively easy for well-established, multinational companies with well-known products to get attention as employers. Sometimes, they may need to draw attention to some of the departments, job families as well—for example, the marketing department of a bank or the IT department of a retailer.

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