Employer Brand Stars Announces 2024 Winners

Recognising Excellence in Employer Brand Management

The Employer Brand Stars Awards is proud to announce the winners of the 2024 edition, recognising organisations that have excelled in creating workplaces that maximize the full potential of their workforce. The EBS Awards honour exemplary employer brand strategies and initiatives across various categories, showcasing creativity, innovation, planning, execution, effectiveness, and results.

Employer Brand Academy

This year, ten organisations have been awarded gold in their respective categories:

  • Employer Brand Strategy: TEI TUSAS Engine Industries
  • Leadership: Nilüfer Değirmenci – Domino’s Türkiye
  • Employee Recognition: Türkiye Finans
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Postbank
  • Internal Communication: Domino’s Türkiye
  • External Communication: TEI TUSAS Engine Industries
  • Use of Digital: Postbank
  • Internship: Postbank
  • Graduate Recruitment Programme: TEI TUSAS Engine Industries
  • Candidate Experience: Postbank


In addition to the gold winners, the following organizations have been awarded silver:

  • Internal Communication: Türkiye Finans
  • Internship: Güzel Enerji


The Employer Brand Stars Awards have become a prestigious accolade within the industry, symbolizing excellence and dedication to fostering exceptional workplace environments. This year’s winners were chosen through a meticulous selection process, ensuring that only the best and most innovative companies were recognized.

Rigorous Assessment Criteria

Entries were assessed using a rigorous and dynamic framework to ensure that the assessment process was pertinent and objective. The assessment criteria were structured into specialised sub-criteria, providing a robust set of requirements based on six key criteria:

  • Creativity: The originality and innovativeness of the approach.
  • Innovation: The use of new methods or ideas to improve the employer brand.
  • Planning: The strategic planning and organization involved in the employer brand initiatives.
  • Execution: The implementation and operationalization of the strategies.
  • Effectiveness: The measurable impact and success of the initiatives.
  • Results: The outcomes achieved and their significance to the organization.

These criteria ensured that every aspect of employer brand management was thoroughly evaluated, allowing the judges to identify organizations that truly excelled in their efforts.

Esteemed Judging Panel

The EBS Awards judges are among the most creative minds, global top influencers, and thought leaders in the industry today. They evaluated entries based on key achievement criteria and provided valuable feedback to participating companies. The judging panel included notable figures such as:
Ali Ayaz: A renowned expert who has managed numerous employer brand management projects, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the judging process.
David Zinger: A leading thought leader in employee engagement, known for his innovative approaches and deep understanding of workplace dynamics.
Their combined expertise and insights ensured that the evaluation process was thorough, fair, and insightful, ultimately identifying the most deserving winners.

Special Honorary Award

This year, Simon Barrow, the creator of employer brand management, received an honorary award for his significant contributions to the field. His pioneering work has laid the foundation for modern employer brand strategies. Simon Barrow’s vision and dedication have transformed how organizations approach their employer brands, making him a fitting recipient of this special recognition.

Highlights of the Winners

The winners of the Employer Brand Stars 2024 have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their respective categories. Here are some significant highlights:

Postbank: Achieving gold in multiple categories (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Use of Digital; Internship; Candidate Experience), Postbank has showcased a comprehensive approach to employer brand. Their initiatives in diversity and inclusion have created a more equitable workplace, while their innovative use of digital tools has streamlined recruitment and onboarding processes.

Nilüfer Değirmenci – Domino’s Türkiye: Recognized for Leadership, Nilüfer Değirmenci’s inspiring leadership has driven significant positive change within Domino’s Türkiye. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace has been instrumental in the company’s success.

Domino’s Türkiye: In addition to Leadership, Domino’s Türkiye also received gold for Internal Communication, highlighting their effective communication strategies that ensure transparency and engagement across all levels of the organization.

Türkiye Finans: Winning gold in Employee Recognition, Türkiye Finans has implemented effective programs that celebrate and reward employee achievements, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.

Güzel Enerji: Awarded silver in the Internship category, Güzel Enerji has implemented a dynamic and enriching internship program that provides students and recent graduates with valuable hands-on experience. Their commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering an environment of learning and growth has set a benchmark for internship programs in the industry.

TEI TUSAS Engine Industries: Awarded gold in Employer Brand Strategy, TEI TUSAS has shown exceptional creativity and innovation in crafting a compelling employer brand that resonates with both current employees and potential candidates. Their strategic approach has significantly enhanced their reputation as an employer of choice.

Celebrating Excellence

The EBS Awards are highly competitive, and winning one is a significant achievement. We congratulate all the winners for their outstanding efforts and dedication to employer brand excellence. Their success sets a high standard and serves as an inspiration for others in the industry. The journey to achieving such recognition is a testament to the hard work, strategic planning, and innovative thinking of these organizations.

Importance of the Employer Brand Stars Awards

The Employer Brand Stars Awards play a crucial role in highlighting the importance of effective employer brand. In today’s competitive job market, a strong employer brand is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. These awards emphasize the need for organizations to invest in their employer brand strategies, fostering environments where employees can thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

The theme of this year’s awards is the celebration of innovation and excellence in employer brand. The winners have demonstrated that by prioritizing their employer brand, they can create workplaces that not only attract the best talent but also ensure that employees feel valued, motivated, and engaged.

Looking Ahead

The Employer Brand Stars Awards are not just about recognizing past achievements; they also aim to inspire future innovations in employer brand. As the workplace continues to evolve, organizations must adapt and innovate to meet new challenges and opportunities. The EBS Awards provide a platform for sharing best practices and encouraging continuous improvement in employer brand management.

How to Get Involved

For organizations interested in participating in future Employer Brand Stars Awards, the process begins with a commitment to excellence in employer brand. Companies can learn more about the awards, the entry process, and the benefits of participating by visiting the Employer Brand Stars Website.

By participating, organizations have the opportunity to benchmark their practices against the best in the industry, receive valuable feedback from leading experts, and gain recognition for their efforts in creating outstanding workplace environments.

About Employer Brand Stars

The Employer Brand Stars Awards recognize organizations that develop workplaces maximizing the full potential of their workforce. Through a comprehensive assessment framework, the awards highlight excellence in employer brand management across various categories, promoting best practices and innovation in the industry.

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