Employer Brand Stars Awards Recognize Excellence in Workplace Development and Employer Brand Management

The prestigious Employer Brand Stars awards, now in their fourth year, have successfully concluded, shining a spotlight on organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to maximizing the potential of their workforce. The awards celebrate excellence in employer brand strategies and showcase the remarkable achievements of companies around the globe. With participants from over 40 countries, the awards have grown in prominence, attracting top talent and industry leaders.

Since its inception, the Employer Brand Stars awards have evolved into a highly anticipated event within the business community. What began with eight categories has now expanded to 12, reflecting the growing recognition of the significance of employer branding in today’s competitive job market.

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The entries are assessed using a rigorous and dynamic framework to ensure a comprehensive selection process. The framework incorporates specialized sub-criteria that provide a robust set of requirements. The evaluation is based on six key criteria: Creativity, Innovation, Planning, Execution, Effectiveness, and Results. This meticulous approach ensures that the assessment process remains objective, pertinent, and reflective of the evolving standards within the industry.

The categories evaluated during this year’s Employer Brand Stars awards included Employer Brand Strategy, Leadership, Employee Well-being, Employee Recognition, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Internal Communication, External Communication, Use of Digital, Internship, Onboarding, Graduate Recruitment Programme, and Candidate Experience. Each category highlights a crucial aspect of employer brand management and recognizes organizations that have excelled in their respective fields.

This year, the Employer Brand Stars awards received an overwhelming response, with over a thousand participants showcasing their commitment to fostering exceptional workplace environments. The quality of entries was exceptionally high, making the selection process challenging for the esteemed panel of judges. The judges, comprising industry experts and thought leaders, brought their vast knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation process. A complete list of judges can be found on the official Employer Brand Stars website.

“The calibre of this year’s participants truly exemplifies the commitment and dedication of organizations in creating outstanding employer brands,” said Ali Ayaz, Chair of Judges at Employer Brand Stars awards. “The Employer Brand Stars awards celebrate these exceptional achievements, recognizing the impact of innovative strategies on employee engagement, talent attraction, and overall business success.”

Among the highlights of this year’s Employer Brand Stars awards were the notable achievements of the winners. Their dedication to cultivating positive workplace cultures and their relentless pursuit of excellence in employer branding have set new benchmarks within the industry. A comprehensive list of this year’s winners can be found at https://employerbrandstars.com/winners. Some of the distinguished winners of this year are

  • Kapital Bank OSJC – Fargana Mammadova in Leadership
  • Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine in Employee Wellbeing and Employee Recognition
  • Turkcell in Graduate Recruitment Programme and Employer Brand Strategy
  • Postbank / Eurobank Bulgaria in Candidate Experience and Use of Digital
  • Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası in Leadership and Graduate Recruitment Programme
  • CMS Jant ve Makine Sanayi in Onboarding and Graduate Recruitment Programme

The Employer Brand Stars awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and honour organizations that prioritize their employees’ well-being and professional growth. By recognizing exemplary practices and sharing success stories, the awards inspire and encourage businesses worldwide to invest in their employer brands and foster a positive work environment.


For more information about the Employer Brand Stars awards, please visit https://employerbrandstars.com.

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