The top recruiting technologies for 2020

It’s quite clear that for over 170 North American companies big and small across industries – recruiting technologies that provide video job descriptions (see Table 1) and virtual assistants to source a company’s existing candidate database (see Table 2) are the top technologies to invest in for 2020.

For the past nine years, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research Program has conducted benchmark research with over a thousand companies, resulting in nearly one million candidate responses to date. Companies answer questions about their recruiting processes from pre-application to onboarding, and then target a population of job candidates and asked them for feedback based on as far as they got in the recruiting process (from pre-application to onboarding).

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On the employer side, we ask them questions about what recruiting technology solutions they’re currently investing in and what they’re looking to invest in over the coming year. These may be stand-alone solutions or components of other new or current solutions – and includes AI-related (artificial intelligent) “smart” technologies like virtual sourcing, chatbots and more.

Improving candidate experience is an important ongoing consideration for employers, and we find each year communication and feedback loops are key competitive differentiators that impact whether or not job candidates will ever apply again, refer others or make purchases if and when applicable (for consumer-based companies). Recruiting technologies today are a big part of that differentiation from pre-application to screening, assessing and interviewing.

The HR Technology Conference is this week in Las Vegas, where HR and recruiting technology shoppers will be looking to further empower their recruiting, hiring and retention processes. That’ll be followed by the  (right after our 2019 North American CandE Symposium and Awards Gala on October 14), and then the Unleash Conference in Paris in October (where we’ll do a follow-up on what we see with our EMEA employer participation this year).

Many of our current sponsors will be there and we thank them for their ongoing support!

We’ll see you all soon! Happy shopping!


Table 1. Top Five Recruiting Technology Solutions Employers Will Invest In By Key Industries for 2020

Table 2. Top Five AI-Related Recruiting Technology Solutions Employers Will Invest In By Key Industries for 2020

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