What department manages the employer brand?

The summary: HR is the answer. There is a simple explanation. Since most of the processes to be managed are under the scope of HR, the Human Resources department manages it. If the top manager of HR is not involved in employer brand management, ideally, it should be an independent department direct report to the company’s top management.

A little more detail

Employer Brand Academy

Employer brand management is promoting your company as an employer. It is a work that is carried out for each of the touchpoints with a holistic strategy. The image below is a typical example. Since most of the processes are within the human resources department’s scope, if the HR top management is closely involved in this work, it is ideal to have a unit within the department. If s/he cannot allocate time, it is ideal to create an EB department reporting directly to the company’s top management. It is a department or unit that needs to be continuously planned, managed and reported like any other company department such as finance, marketing, sales.

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