A common challenge young companies face is attracting senior-level talent

A common challenge young companies (sub 100 employees) face is attracting senior-level talent. They have a strong need for experienced team members–especially early technical hires–but can struggle to attract these candidates due to their low-risk tolerance.

The more senior the candidate the more stability they tend to want.

Employer Brand Academy

So if you’re not a well-established company with brand recognition and weeks of formal onboarding and training, how do you position yourself as credible and worthy of the “risk”?

Employer branding.

You have to control the narrative and tell your authentic stories.

Here’s what this looks like:

-A well-designed careers page.
This is your candidate storefront. It matters.

-Culture stories
Founder, leadership, and employee profiles–tell the stories and showcase your culture. This is your opportunity to attract and repel.

-High-quality photos
Believe it or not, quality matters…a lot. It’s the difference between looking like pros and amateurs.

-Take your job descriptions seriously
Think of these as advertisements.

-Don’t sleep on Glassdoor
Ask everyone in your company to write a review. And make this page look sharp.

Invest in employer branding early. It will pay dividends as you begin hiring at scale.


Nate Guggia


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